How did this perennial get past Ted Cruz?

I had no idea that Everest Sedge is a supporter of China’s failed and discredited Cultural Revolution:

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We use this plant a lot, or as much as we can, given its limited availability. I always thought it was simply a very attractive, borderline hardy grass-like plant that played well with other light-shade garden plants like coral bells, oak sedge, and lamium. Now I find out that it really wants to annihilate the intellectuals, eliminate land-owning, and nationalize industrial and commercial enterprises. Yet, it looks so cute.

Mount Everest is in Nepal, a country that has dabbled in Maoist political parties.

I suppose I need to find a plant with more capitalist leanings. Endless Summer Hydrangea will fit the bill.

1Yeah, I know it’s a typo over there. Let me have my fun.

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