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You can’t quite put your finger on it. You know you don’t want just ordinary.

We’re Muddy Boots Landscaping. We’re experienced. We’re down to earth.

We’ll help you discover your new landscape.




What do you think happened here? This toppled tree is in the Deer Grove Forest Preserve in Palatine. Deer Grove is one of my favorite places to walk during the winter. When the ground is frozen and covered with snow I can venture off the trails without damaging the plants growing on the forest floor.

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All About Irrigation

Here’s how to get your irrigation system to work, and you aren’t going to like it one bit. But take heart, your landscape will love you for it. Here’s the problem: you think your irrigation system works like your furnace and air conditioner, but it doesn’t work that way at all. Although the two systems

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Your Plant Nemesis

Do you have a plant nemesis? This spray-painter clearly does – and it’s the lowly privet. He’s emphatically declaring that he does not intend to plant them, and is discouraging us from the same. (I realize there’s an alternative explanation for this involving the lack of a dictionary, but I’m sticking with my interpretation.) When

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Replace the Rusty Tricycle with a Lush Garden

You probably have spaces in the living areas of your home that you would rather not think about. That narrow space between the refrigerator and wall. A closet where you throw all the junk as the guests are pulling up. Under the stove – yikes, I don’t even like to look at the dozen lint-covered

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